River Refuge Seed

Specializing in Wetland Restoration
10% Alopercurus aequalis 
60% Beckmannia syzigachne 
30% Glyceria occidentalis
Native Wetland Basic     Mix #1

These 3 perennial grasses coexist perfectly. They can be flooded the entire winter and begin to grow in the spring, even while submerged. They can go dormant, tolerating drought in late summer. Waterfowl and shorebirds work this for seed and invertebrates as it refloods in fall.  
Plant 8-15 lbs per acre. 
 $13.25 /lb
 70% Alisma subcordatum         15% Sagittaria latifolia 
 15% Scirpus microcarpus
Native Wetland Marsh   Mix #2

This mix is perfect for seasonal wetlands where water recedes to marshy conditions, spring to summer.
Plant 8-10 lbs per acre.
 $37.50 /lb
20% Alisma subcordatum 
20% Alopercurus aequalis 
20% Beckmannia syzigachne 
20% Eleocharis palustris 
15% Glyceria occidentalis
  5%  Leersia oryzoides
Native Wetland Medium to Shallow Water Mix #3

This is the ideal mix for spring water depth of 6”18” that recedes in June or July.
Plant 12-18 lbs per acre.
 $24.50 /lb
60% Alisma subcordatum
20% Schoenopletus tabernaemontani
20% Sparganium eurycarpum
Native Wetland
Deep Water Mix #4

This mix is great for deeper water areas. It works well in areas with winter water depth of 3’-4’ and summer levels of 6”-12” or even drying in August/September. Plant 10-15 lbs per acre. 
 $37.95 /lb
  5% Alopercurus aequalis 
  2% Carex stipata 
15% Elocharis palustris 
  6% Elocharis ovata 
  2% E
pilobium densaflorum 
50% Glyceria occidentalis
15% Hordem brochyamtherum 
  5% Leersia oryzoides
Rain Garden Mix  $29.75 /lb
15% Alisma subcordatum
  5% Alopercurus aequalis 
10% Beckmannia syzigachne 
  5% Elocharis palustris 
  4% Elocharis ovata 
  5% Hordeum brochyamtherum 
  3% Leersia oryzoides
15% Polygonum pensylvanicum 
  3% Scirpus validus
Native Moist Soil
 Management Mix
 $20.75 /lb
35% Clarkia amoena 
30% Eriophyllum lanatum
20% Plagiobothrys figuratus
15% Pr
unella vulgaris
Native Flower Mix  $49.50 /lb
15% Carex densa
  1% Carex feta
  1% Carex stipata
80% Carex unilateralis
  1% Juncus effuses
  1% Juncus tenuis
Moist Soil Sedge and    Rush Mix  $85.00 /lb
10% Agrostis exerata
  5% Alopercurus aequalis
15% Bromus carinatus
  5% Danthonia californica
10% Deschampia cespitosa
  5% Deschampia elongate
15% Elymus glaucus
10% Festuca romeri
25% Hordeum brachyantherum
Bio Swale Mix

This mix is recommended by erosion control specialists and conservationists. A great blend of grasses that will form a carpet that water can flow over and through. Moving your runoff through a swale, not a ditch, is sound ecology.
Plant 15-25 lbs per acre. 
 $17.60 /lb
10% Alopercurus aequalis
25% Beckmannia syzigachne 
40% Glyceria occidentalis
25% Hordeum brachyantherum
Native Wetland      Grass Mix

A special mix that attracts waterfowl. This blend of grasses can be submerged for the winter. They will begin to grow as the water recedes in the spring. They all do well in very poor soil and can also stand a droughty summer. As these grassy fields reflood in the fall and winter, ducks feed on the shattered seed and invertebrates.
Plant 15-25 lbs per acre.
 $13.50 /lb
  5% Agrostis exerata
25% Bromus carinatus
10% Deschampia elongate
40% Elymus glaucus
10% Festuca romeri
10% Hordeum brachyantheru
Native Upland Grass Mix

This blend is perfect for the riparian, upland or wet prairie restoration. It creates perfect nesting cover with its mix of grasses, some creeping to fill in and some forming crowns. Most are fast growing for quick erosion control where needed.
Plant 15-25 lbs per acre. 
 $11.40 /lb
50% Elocharis palustris 
50% Elocharis ovata
Spikerush Mix  $69.00 /lb
50% Carex unilateralis
45% Carex densa
  5% Elocharis palustris
Spring Special

Dense sedge, one-sided sedge and creeping spike rush are native perennials that complement each other. Some of this seed added to any wet prairie planting will improve diversity. 
 $88.50 /lb
Oregon Ash Tree
Black Hawthorn
Tree Seed

Order in spring/summer for fall delivery.
 $55.00 /lb
 $65.00 /lb