Fagopyrum esculentum


$1.35 /lb


TYPE:  Annual


HEIGHT: 2 - 3 feet


HABITAT: Grows best in soils with light to medium texture and good drainage 


SEEDING RATE: 50 lbs per acre with approximately    

20,000 seeds per lb



A fast growing annual maturing in 10-12 weeks. It’s a good seed producer that waterfowl love and can be planted late in summer when its too late for any other seed crop. 

Planting Instructions: Use general ground prep method (click here).  Plant in late spring into summer. Drill 50 lbs of seed per acre 1” to 1 1/2"” deep or spin spread 60 to 70 lbs per acre. If spin spread, harrow to cover seed. With either method roll if possible. Spread 100 to 200 lbs of 46-0-0 fertilizer.