$89.50 /lb

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TYPE:  Perennial 


HEIGHT: 1 - 4 feet


HABITAT: Wet meadows and prairies


SEEDING RATE: 12-15 lbs per acre with approximately

20,000 seeds per lb


STRATIFICATION: Requires 60 days of cold

A native forb that thrives in wet meadows and prairies and grows easily from seed. Camas thrives in shady areas like dense forest canopies but also does well in open landscapes. Seedlings require moisture through the spring growing period to survive. For the first year of growth, grass-like seedlings will emerge in February or March.  Once the plant has been established, it will produce leaves like the picture on the right. The striking blue flowers appear annually April-June in the second or third year after planting.

Planting instructions: For general ground prep (click here). Best planted in the fall. Plant 1/4 inch - 1/2 deep. 

Camas can take up to three years to bloom when planted from seed. This photo shows the difference between first year plants, the grasslike leaves, and a mature plant that has multiple, thicker leaves.

camas large

These large camas plants  were planted from bulbs.  

Camas is a great plant to use in areas that are wet or seasonally flooded. This photo is a wooded area on our farm that has standing water in the winter months and is covered in camas. 

camas flooded
camas fringecup

Camas and Fringecup grow great together, especially in wooded or shaded areas. To view our camas/fringecup mix, (click here.)