$195.00 /lb

TYPE:  Perennial sedge


HEIGHT: 2 - 5 feet


HABITAT: Wetlands, riverbanks, ditches, coastal swamps, inundated woods


SEEDING RATE: ¼-3 lbs per acre with approximately

2,000,000 seeds per lb


STRATIFICATION: Requires 60 days of cold

A native sedge commonly found in wet prairie meadows and along streams. With its densely clumped base and rhizomatic roots, it provides great erosion control and stream stabilization. Does well in standing water. Birds of all types eat the seeds. Usually seeded in mixes. Makes great cover for small animals.

Planting instructions: For general ground prep (click here.)  Best planted in the fall. Sow 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep. 

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