$2.95 /lb

golden millet

TYPE:  Annual


HEIGHT: 5 - 7 feet


HABITAT: Dry land and seasonal wetland


SEEDING RATE: Plant 25-30 lbs per acre



This millet is a heavy seed producer and yields more than a ton of seed per acre. Unlike Wild Millet, the seed head holds together into the season. It will grow in dry land and in seasonal wetland areas but where very dry, would like a couple of irrigations. Golden Millet and Wild Millet can be planted together and complement each other nicely as they can both be flood irrigated and with their varying heights provide a nice layering of feed.  Matures in 90-120 days.



Planting Instructions: Use general ground prep method (click here). These species should be planted after the last chance of frost. Drill 25 lbs per acre about 1/2” deep, roll if possible, or spin spread 30 lbs per acre, lightly harrow to cover seed and roll if possible. Spread 100 lbs of 16-16-16 and 150 lbs of 46-0-0 fertilizer.


Wild Millet on the left and Golden Millet on the right.