$29.50 /lb

TYPE:  Annual


HEIGHT: 3 - 6 feet


HABITAT: open sites, along roadsides


SEEDING RATE: 10-15 lbs per acre with approximately

240,000 seeds per lb



Limited Supply

Provides feed and cover for doves, quail, and songbirds. Grows well on both sides of the Cascades and will reseed. Tolerates some frost and is drought resistant. Best planted in the fall for spring sprout. Fall plant for best results, although early spring planting is okay.

Planting instructions: Use general ground prep method (click here) Drill 10 lbs per acre 1/2” to 1” deep or spin spread 15 lbs per acre. If spin spread, lightly harrow and either way, roll if possible. Spread 200 lbs of 16-16-16 fertilizer per acre. 

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