Lupinus polyphyllus


$54.00 /lb

TYPE:  Perennial

HEIGHT: 4 feet


HABITAT: Wet prairie, damp forests, droughty uplands


SEEDING RATE: 10-12 lbs per acre with approximately

19,000-30,000 seeds per lb


STRATIFICATION: None but since it has a hard seed, scarification improves germination 

This is the true native, not Russells. It is a legume with huge beautiful flowers. It will grow in wet prairie to droughty uplands and tolerates hot summers and wet winters. Since its roots grow deep, it is a good choice for erosion control and soil stabilization. Plants do not usually flower until the second year.

Planting instructions:  For general ground prep (click here.) Best planted in the fall 1/2 - 3/4 inch deep. 

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