Lupinus rivularis


$29.50 /lb

TYPE:  Annual, biennial or short-lived perennial 

HEIGHT: 1 - 5 feet

HABITAT: Wet prairie, damp forests, droughty uplands


SEEDING RATE: 10-12 lbs per acre with approximately

19,000-30,000 seeds per lb


STRATIFICATION: None but since it has a hard seed, scarification improves germination 

The riverbank lupine is a native in the legume family with blue and white flowers. The seed is eaten by many different birds while small mammals use the plant growth for cover. It will grow in almost any soil but prefers wet and well drained. It goes dormant in the late summer and can survive drought conditions.

Planting instructions:  For general ground prep (click here.) Best planted in the fall 1/2 - 3/4 inch deep. 

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