Owners Dave and Kathy Rogers started this business in the 1990's. What began as a hobby farm, later grew into a family legacy.  Kathy handles most of the office work while Dave enjoys spending most of his time moving dirt, creating and maintaining ponds. 

Chris is the oldest grandson and handles all of the orders and shipping for the business. If you call our number, Chris is the one you will most likely be talking to. His wife, Melissa, enjoys taking photographs of the farm and handles anything media related for the business including the website, videos, catalogs and social media accounts. Their children, Lia and Will, both love living on the farm and helping out when they can. 

Griffen, the youngest grandson, is the operations manager. With over 100 ponds and fields to keep track of, he always has his work cut out for him.  His wife, Telisha, helps out with many different things on the farm including seed picking, seed cleaning, mowing, combining and more. Their son Allan and dogs Allie and Stella keep us all smiling.

griff telisha

Jason, another grandson, is our lead mechanic.  When he's not elbow deep in grease he helps with many other day to day needs on the farm.

Melissa, a family friend, does a little bit of everything on the farm from seed cleaning to combining and always manages to outwork us all.


Soren is a rare find these days when it comes to hard working young men. We were lucky enough to find him a few years back. When he is not at school or playing football, he is working his tail off for us doing just about everything.