$0.95 /lb

TYPE:  Annual


HEIGHT: 12 - 15 inches


HABITAT: Dry land 


SEEDING RATE: Plant 100 lbs per acre



This is the quickest crop we have, reaching maturity in just 60 days which makes it good to plant anywhere between spring and fall. It can be planted in fields or in dry ponds that are seasonally flooded in the fall and winter. Poco Barley is shorter than other barleys making it more enticing for ducks to come up on high ground to feed when planted around ponds. Deer like to graze on it as well.


Planting Instructions: Use general ground prep method (click here).  Use After field is prepared, drill 1”- 1 1/2" deep, 100 lbs of seed per acre, and roll, if possible. If drill isn’t available, spin spread seed on area to be planted, harrow in seed, then roll, if possible. Apply about 200 lbs per acre of 46-0-0 fertilizer after planting or work in beforehand.