Amaranthus retroflexus 


$13.50 /lb

TYPE:  Annual forb


HEIGHT: 3 feet


HABITAT: Pastures, roadsides, ditch banks


SEEDING RATE: Plant 8-12 lbs per acre



This is a native annual forb that grows like a weed and produces millions of tiny hard seeds. When flooded in the fall, puddle ducks love these. It is a good reseeder and will volunteer year after year. Smartweed and wild millet are good companion species to be mixed with it when planting.   


Planting Instructions: Use general ground prep method (click here.) In the spring, drill 4-6 lbs per acre 1/4" to 1/2" or spin spread 6-8 lbs per acre and lightly harrow either way. Roll if possible. Apply 100 lbs of 16-16-16 and 100 lbs of 46-0-0 of fertilizer.

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