Crypsis schoenoides   


$47.70 /lb

swamp timothy

TYPE:  Annual bunchgrass


HEIGHT: 6 inches - 2 feet


HABITAT: Wetlands


SEEDING RATE: Plant 3-5 lbs per acre



This annual wetland grass is a waterfowl favorite especially in the wetlands of California.  Swamp timothy can grow in many different conditions but prefers seasonally flooded wetlands.  The plants are prolific seed producers that yield over 1,000 lb of seed per acre and at over one million seeds per pound; swamp timothy readily reseeds itself year after year.  Swamp timothy can also handle moderate salinity making it a great option for areas that deal with brackish water conditions. 


Planting Instructions: Planting can be done by broadcasting in to wet areas in the spring and early summer or by broadcasting/drilling into a worked seed bed that can be irrigated.  If drilling, plant at 1/4" depth. Plants will reach maturity in 70-90 days.

This is a video of a swamp timothy and wild millet field. This mix is an excellent blend of two waterfowl favorites that are easy to get established in seasonally flooded areas and provide such an abundance of seed that they readily reseed themselves year after year.  These two species compliment each other nicely as the Wild Millet grows tall, up to 6’, the low growing Swamp Timothy fills in the understory creating a layering of feed that keeps the birds coming back.  For this mix pricing (click here.)