$1.95 /lb

wild millet.jpg

TYPE:  Annual grass


HEIGHT: 2 - 6 feet


HABITAT:  Full sun, moist to dry conditions, adapts well to many soil types


SEEDING RATE: Plant 20 lbs per acre 



This wild variety of proso millet grows very much like its domesticated relative, white proso millet, but has the distinct ability to reseed itself each year.  It will grow well in field applications that can be left dry for upland bird food/cover or grown in seasonally dry ponds that will be flooded for fall and winter to provide amazing feed for waterfowl.  Matures in 60 to 90 days.


Planting Instructions: For general ground prep method (click here).  Drill 20 lbs per acre about 1/4” deep, roll if possible, or spin spread 30 lbs per acre, lightly harrow to cover seed and roll if possible. Spread 100 lbs of 16-16-16 and 150 lbs of 46-0-0 fertilizer.

wild proso millet