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Glyceria occidentalis


$17.50 /lb


Perennial grass


1 - 3 feet


Wet meadows, along streams and vernal pools




15-20 lbs per acre with approximately 125,000 seeds per lb

This native is a short-lived cool season grass that grows best in shallow water that is either seasonal or year round. It is often used in stormwater management. The foliage and seed is eaten by waterfowl and used as cover.

*** According to the USDA this species is native to the lower 48 states of the USA.***

Planting Instructions: Use general ground prep method (click here).

This species can be broadcasted onto the surface of the mud in fall or spring and will germinate in less than three weeks as long as there is enough moisture during that time. If the seed ends up getting inundated before sprouting, it could float away so adding a light layer of mulch after seeding is recommended. If soil is dry, use the general ground prep method. Drill 15 lbs per acre 1/2” deep or spin spread 20 lbs per acre. If drilled, roll if possible. If spin spread, lightly harrow to cover seed then roll. Spread 150 lbs of 16-16-16 fertilizer on planted area. If planted in the spring, there may be enough moisture that you won't have to irrigate. If planted in the summer or fall, you may need to irrigate depending on rainfall in your area. Flood irrigating works well with this species. Putting the crop under water for the winter will kill most annual weeds.

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