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seed to attract WILDLIFE 

We are avid waterfowl hunters and through many years of experience we have discovered what ducks and geese love to forage on.  We also have seed for upland birds and have expanded our selection to include seed to attract deer and elk. Below you will find all the native and introduced varieties of seed we have to offer for attracting wildlife. For those interested in waterfowl attraction, make sure to check out our YouTube channel that has helpful videos with detailed instructions on how to build a duck hunting pond, plant wild rice and making goose islands. We also have a few articles that would interest duck hunters. CLICK HERE to view.

ALL seed


all mixes

poco early spring pea mix




mix #2

big game

Deer Looking Back


fall deer mix

upland birds

Image by Jack Seeds


mix 12

Waterfowl & UPLAND catalog

To download a pdf version of our waterfowl catalog, click on the catalog image below.

Prefer a hard copy? Send us your mailing address at to receive a FREE paper catalog in the mail. We have two different ones so please specify if you would like the NATIVE (native seed only)

and/or our WATERFOWL catalog  (native and introduced seed that attract wildlife). 


New catalogs come out in the spring around March. 

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