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SEED MIXES FOR waterfowl

We are happy to blend any custom mix FREE of charge.

This is a mix of grasses and forbs that produce an abundance of feed. They are either perennials or readily reseeding annuals. Using the moist soil management techniques, you can draw your water down at the best time to stimulate growth. All of the species in this mix perform well with each other and will produce lots of waterfowl attracting feed.

Moist Soil Management Mix #4

$15.95 /lb

These are both perennials. They both produce lots of seed. The manna, when mature, will be the first long green grass floating on the water in late December. These are some of the only grasses, that once established, can thrive under water for the winter. Both produce great natural habitat for the invertebrates that the ducks love in addition to seed.

Mix # 6

$13.50 /lb

They have a short growing season of 8 to 10 weeks. Plant dryland then flood when ripe or plant adjacent to hunting ponds.

Mix # 7

$1.45 /lb



This mix is an excellent blend of two waterfowl favorites that are easy to get established in seasonally flooded areas and provide such an abundance of seed that they readily reseed themselves year after year.  These two species compliment each other nicely as the Wild Millet grows tall, up to 6’, the low growing Swamp Timothy fills in the understory creating a layering of feed that keeps the birds coming back.

Mix # 9

$12.50 /lb

Arguably the top three wetland waterfowl food sources on the west coast, this mix is an ideal blend of high yielding, easy growing, and readily reseeding wetland annuals that give waterfowl a nice variety of feed.

Mix # 11

$13.75 /lb

These two grasses compliment each other—Proso low growing / Sudan tall. Flood for waterfowl or leave dry for Upland. Plant annually after last frost. Will grow west of Cascades with no irrigation.

Mix #12

$0.95 /lb

This mix is a 50/50 blend of our two quickest maturing species, each reaching maturity in just 60 days. This makes it an excellent choice for higher elevation areas that have shorter growing seasons.  This mix can be planted on average soil as long as good soil moisture is available.

Mix #13

$1.45 /lb

This mix is ideal for shallows up to 12" deep in marshes, swamps, streams and ponds.  Each one of these native perennial species will sprout under and grow up through the water.  These plants provide great habitat and the waterfowl devour the seed heads, foliage and tubers.

Native Shallow Water Mix #14

$19.95 /lb



  5%   WAPTATO

  5%   BUR-REED

This mix of reseeding waterfowl favorites can be grown in seasonally flooded areas that deal with mild to moderate brackish water conditions and alkaline soils.  A great option for brackish marshes such as the Suisun Marsh.

Brackish Waterfowl Mix #15

$13.95 /lb

This mix is ideal for covering dikes, levees, berms and any other ground surrounding your impoundments.  This blend of grasses creates a quick growing mat that stabilizes the top soil and helps prevent erosion from periodic overflows.

Dike / Berm Mix #16

$7.85 /lb





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