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Mix #3

$15.75 /lb

This mix of native perennials grow from 1 to 3 feet tall. These species like to be planted in areas that stay underwater for most of the winter and can stand to be inundated even into the late spring or early summer. The mannagrass is one of the first plants to have grassy leaves floating in the waters surface as early as January. The foxtail and American Sloughgrass soon follow as the water recedes and becomes shallower. During this early period, invertebrates and crustaceans thrive on the submerged leaves. This becomes a great waterfowl attractor. By mid summer the seeds shatter from the heads and fall into the vegetation. As it floods in the fall, ducks love to forage for these seeds and once again for the invertebrates that inhabit the wet matted straw. This mix can be managed to attract waterfowl year after year.

Planting Instructions: For general ground prep (click here).

Plant 15-20 lbs per acre at 1/4" deep.

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