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River Refuge Crabgrass

$4.75 /lb


Annual grass


6 - 24 inches


Moist to dry conditions, adapts well to many soil types


60-80 days


Plant 25 lbs per acre with approximately 800,000 seeds per lb

Crabgrass seed is an excellent source of food for both waterfowl and upland birds. It can also produce an abundance of ground cover for upland birds. This easy growing plant can grow in a variety of growing conditions ranging form moist soil to droughty dry. It's also a quick growing crop that matures in 60-80 days with little to no irrigation. Crabgrass has the ability to be flood irrigated and can handle being flooded for the fall and winter and regrow each year with a spring/summer draw down. All of these factors make it an ideal companion crop to go with other seasonal wetland crops such as Wild Millet, Pennsylvania Smartweed, and American Sloughgrass.

Planting Instructions: Use general ground prep method (click here).

Drill 25 lbs per acre about 1/4” deep, roll if possible, or spin spread 30 lbs per acre, lightly harrow to cover seed and roll if possible.

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