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Early Spring Pea

$1.95 /lb




1 - 2 feet


Well drained soil


60 days


Plant 100 lbs per acre

An extra short season pea with a 60 day maturity. Does well on average soil. Good for waterfowl feed and adding to deer food plots. They can be planted in summer where soil moisture is good. These peas do really well at higher elevations with short growing seasons.

Planting Instructions: Use general ground prep method (click here).

Drill 100 lbs per acre 1"-2” deep.  Prior to planting harrow in 1 1/2 pints of Treflan per acre. This will keep most weeds from sprouting. Ask your fieldsman about chemical use. This variety of peas can be planted as soon as you can get on the ground in the spring as they are not affected by frost. If you can't drill then spin spread 125 lbs of seed per acre and then harrow fairly aggressively to cover seed. Either way, roll if possible. Spread 50 lbs of 16-16-16 fertilizer per acre. In most areas you should need no irrigation.

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