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Wild Rice will grow anywhere in the US if planted in the Spring after we have kept it in tubs of water at 33 degrees for the winter. Wild Rice seed must stay wet from the time seed is harvested until sprouted the following year. The seed has an automatic dormancy which keeps it from sprouting.This dormancy is broken only when the seed has remained cold (mid 30's) and wet for 3 to 5 months. 

If you were to draw a line across the US from Virginia through Missouri, to the Oregon/California border, mostly, Wild Rice planted to the north would grow, and drop seed (95% of rice shatters from the head when ripe). The seed would remain dormant for the winter and sprout when the water temp reached 42 degrees. If, where the seed falls and stays wet or damp year round, the Wild Rice would reseed and grow for multiple years. South of this line it is unlikely that it is cold enough for the rice to break dormancy and regrow. From 25 years of experience, I've found that even with thousands of waterfowl feeding on this dropped seed, you will still get a substantial volunteer crop each Spring.

When you receive your Wild Rice Seed keep your seed wet. Submerge it in water or just lay it out and hose it down. 

fall 2020

Wild Rice picked up at our warehouse $4.00 per lb

"Shipping included" prices apply to orders of 10 lbs and over.

spring 2021

Spring rice has been stored in water at 33 degrees for the winter. It has broken dormancy and is ready to plant. Wild Rice picked up at our warehouse $4.70 per lb.

"Shipping included" prices apply to orders of 10 lbs and over.

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